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If you found a stray cat or kitten, or need to surrender your own animal, here is what to do

As a no kill facility, we are frequently packed full. The only way we "make room" for a new cat, is by finding the perfect forever home to one of the homeless pets alreay in our care. We ask people to contact rescues BEFORE bringing animals to them. If we tell you we're full are full, it's because we are full to capacity. No Kill shelters cannot "make" room to house new animals. We are well beyond our capacity, housing cats in all our available kennels and our offices, boardroom and spare bathrooms, with all our foster homes also being full as well.  

If you can be flexible with when you can bring the cat in, shelters, including ours, can work on finding a solution for you and/or space at our facility. Please always call in advance rather than bringing a cat directly to the shelter as we can not accept drop-offs.

What to do if you find kittens

1. Monitor the situation. 
Watch the kittens, but don't move them. The mother cat is probably nearby but if she hasn't returned by end of day, there may be a problem. 

2. Put a plate of food out for the mother. Watch for 24 hours to see if the mother comes back.

3. If she does, contact a shelter to see if they can make space for a mother and kittens. They can also help provide you guidance in how to  trap the mother and kittens. 

4. If she does not return, call the shelters to see who had room to take the kittens into care.

What to do if you find a cat

1. Monitor the cat. Put a plate of food out and offer water for the cat. 

2. If you can, see whether the cat has any identification. This could be a tag/license tag, ear tattoo, or microchip. To check for a microchip, call a veterinary clinic to see whether you can bring the cat in to be scanned, or contact the Winnipeg Humane Society to see whether they can check.

3. If the cat is not owned, contact the various shelters to see whether they can accommodate the cat. Bear in mind that no-kill shelters are frequently full to capacity and may require time to make arrangements and room if they agree to accept the cat. If you are able to provide the cat shelter in the meantime, do so.