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A Message from D'Arcy


I am back to work full-time and again I am thankful to my staff and volunteers who looked after the shelter while I was recovering from colon cancer.

My experience with cancer has caused me to have a slightly different outlook on how I want to do things with the shelter and in my own life. I think the major change in shelter life is to just slow down and work a little smarter without exhausting yourself all the time.

Unfortunately, after doing rescue work for the last 16 years, the number of homeless animals in this city has not changed. I realize now that even though the ARC has made a small dent in the over-population problem, our progress has been limited. We need to focus on what we can do, by making a plan and working within our means.

After 16 years, the number of kittens coming in either orphaned or with a mother, the number of abandoned puppies, and the number or humans who don’t want their animals any longer just has not decreased. After all these years of lobbying the city for a spay and neuter plan including some funding, working with the large number of other animal organizations in the province, and the countless seminars and school visits we do, the message is out there but the follow up work and commitment needed to implement the message is lacking.

I am going to focus more on what I have, not on what I want or think I need in the future. It’s always nice to dream big and make plans for the future, but realistically, things can change in a moment. I constantly worry about the over-population crisis in Winnipeg and about the homeless kittens and puppies being born in a ditch, under a deck, or in an abandoned garage.

With your support and our shelter has made over 12,000 animal adoptions. While we are at times criticized for not doing enough, I know we are doing a great job and I am now better equipped to respond to negative remarks.

Like I said in my winter newsletter edition, times are changing and the public is demanding better quality of pet food and better living conditions for these animals. I meet people daily that are now making a conscious effort to support animal charities because they believe that it is an important cause in our society. A simple mandatory spay and neuter program for all animals in the city will alleviate the over population crisis in three to five years. Even better, add one dollar to your yearly tax bill to be allotted to a spay and neuter program and that will pay for this mega problem. You see, the answers are right in front of us, now for the hard part is to convince city council that this can be done.

Anyway, enough of my rant. As always, I appreciate your support for the shelter.

Have a good summer.