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  • Mr March needs your help: Pawder's journey

    pawdercone If you bought out 2017 fundraising calendar, you'll recognize Mr. March, better known as Pawder around the shelter.

    Pawder is a 2 1/2 yr old, fun loving Shepard X who came to the A.R.C. from Peguis First Nation back in 2014. When he arrived at the shelter he had a

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  • Mygan's long road to rehabilitation ahead

    Mygan1 Mygan arrived at D'Arcy's A.R.C. from a northern community in early March of 2016. Reports were made about a dog that had been hit by a truck six weeks earlier and was dragging a front paw. The fear was that Mygan had broken his leg. Although Mygan was owned, his

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  • Goat came with some extra "friends"

    Goat1introimage Although obviously thin and emaciated when she came into our care from Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, it was only later that we discovered that Goat had a major medical issue.

    Once healthy enough for her spay she was sent for what would be the first for many surgeries. During

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  • Stitch stitched back together

    Stitch3Machray Stitch is a young stray cat who was brought to Machray Animal Hospital by a concerned citizen on Monday, November 23, 2015 with a serious wound on his side. The vets at Machray suspect that he may have been seeking refuge under the hood of a car and sustained an

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  • Smash Mouth - the snaptrap rescue

    Smash Mouth posing in the yard one month after his rescue On Friday, November 6, 2015, members of Pequis First Nation involved in rescuing animals in the community notified Ark Project, a non-profit that helps transport stay dogs to rescue, of a stray dog running at large with a snap trap around his lower jaw. D'Arcy's A.R.C. was notified of the

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  • Timber: The Heartworm Positive Hunk

    TImberNov15 12 Timber, a stray from Peguis First Nation, arrived in our care on July 24, 2015. Almostly completely shut down when he arrived, Timber needed to be carried part of the way down the hallways to go outside for playtime. He slowly learned that touching, and especially brushing, is a good

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  • Malika's Journey

    Malika on the day of her rescue, malnourished and in terrible condition Meet Malika. A sweet, gentle dog who was rescued from severe neglect on Peguis First Nation. Malnourished and skinny, both hips were in bad condition. She wasn't bearing weight on her back right leg, and her left back leg was extremely weak. An untreated skin condition had caused severe hair

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  • Heart worm mommas...

    ...and probably a dad, too

    Lucerne, a springer X, tested positive for heart worm this spring. Lucerne was abandoned by her owner and left tied to a dog-house with seven three-week old puppies in the middle of February. Lucerne, Morgana, Sadie, and Rocko came to us from different regions of the province early this spring. The four dogs have something in common beside their sweet and gentle personalities – they tested positive for heart worm infections.

    Heart worm is a parasitic roundworm that is

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Mygan1Mygan arrived at D'Arcy's A.R.C. from a northern community in early March of 2016. Reports were made about a dog that had been hit by a truck six weeks earlier and was dragging a front paw. The fear was that Mygan had broken his leg. Although Mygan was owned, his owners were unable to afford or access the veterinary care Mygan required. Mygan had reported been hit by a truck once as a puppy as well and was known to roam the community, frequently fighting with other dogs for resources.

Mygan arrived at the A.R.C. with a limp, the top of his injured paw raw and oozing with blood from dragging on the ground for weeks as well as covered in old battle scars. Our first order of business was to get him to our veterinarians for an assessment of the leg. After an exam and some x-rays of the front leg, we discovered that the leg was not broken.

Mygan3Rather Mygan had sustained neurological damage to the leg and had no feeling or control of his left front paw. After discussions with the veterinarians as well as consultations with a specialist, amputation of the leg was decided as the most likely course of action.

At a follow up appointment prior to amputation, a second round of x-rays revealed that Mygan has on old fracture in the pelvis that has healed. Mygan underwent six months of physiotherapy on his lame leg to assist his mobility. However, despite making gains awaking the nerves in the leg, he has not been able to regain the use of the paw. As a result the decision was made to do a full leg amputation at the shoulder in early November 2016.

Pet Secure has generously agreed to sponsor some of Mygan's veterinary bills. 

 Further donations to Mygan's care or other animals in the shelter can be made over the phone by calling 1-204-888-2266, in person or online via CanadaHelps. Donations over $10 are tax deductible.


See the update before his surgery at Birchwood Animal Hospital in November, 2016.