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Check in and see who is available now!

Looking for that friendly face.

We're all looking for that "look", you know the one but you can't describe it. Either check online or come down to the shelter to find your new family member that speaks to you.

The first meeting.

Once you have spotted your new friend, now is the time to meet. Make sure to have all your family with you, that first meeting will be a lasting memory!

The paperwork

The last step to make sure everything is going to go smoothly is to talk to one of our adoption councillors about you and your new friends future home. Make sure you have copies of rental agreements and photo ID with you, so there are no hold ups.

Time to go home!

You've found your family member, you've filled out the paperwork, you're almost there. One last check to make sure you have what you need and then off you go, together!
Don't forget us though, we LOVE updates like pictures and stories.

Are you looking to adopt?

Want to help? Become a Volunteer

Our small team of dedicated staff rely heavily on an army of volunteers to help us through. Whether you are looking for some cat cuddling, want to help at our thrift store, can help behind the scenes or need a work placement for a college course, we would love to have you with us.