Corporate Support Options

Our corporate support options are different from the personal donations options and have been designed specifically for those organizations that are looking for a different way to offer their support.
If your company would rather offer support in the same manner as a personal donation, or something else entirely, then please let us know - we would be more than happy to work with you.

Cat Rooms

A great option for corporate donors could be related to one of our cat rooms:

We have 5 adoption rooms at the front of the shelter which, after almost 20 years, could use some updating. Each room will cost approximately $5,000 to renovate.

We also have a further 5 rooms behind the scenes, including our isolation room, that could also use support. Due to the nature of these rooms, sponsorship is priced at $2500 per room to cover maintenance costs.

Plant a seed
A third option, rather than sponsorship or renovation support would be the "Seed Account" - From small seeds, grow great trees! This is where a corporate donation is used to fund the replacement of cat trees in all our rooms. Donations valued at $500-1000 are placed into holding for us to withdraw from when we need to replace cat trees in any of our rooms.

Dog Kennels

Our dog housing is provided in a different way to our cat housing, so gives our supporters more options to choose from:

Our dog adoption kennels walls were built to last! The floors however, need maintenance every 2-5 years and we are definitely due to start the replacement process. Quotes for this range between $4000-8000 for all 8 kennels and connecting hallway.
Further to the floors, the doors face constant wear and tear (sometimes literally). To replace our current chainlink doors with modern, safer and more durable doors is $1000 per kennel.

Our incoming dog area is perhaps the most in need of updating. After over 10 years and hundreds of dogs, many of whom were not initially comfortable inside. The walls are literally crumbling!
The cost of new walls is $1500 per kennel, new doors at $1000 per kennel and flooring for the area priced at $2000-4000. All told, we need $19000 to renovate this area and continue our mission.


While we clearly have some specific areas that we would appreciate corporate support, there are also other areas and ways for your company to help:

We recognize that not every company has the cashflow to donate money, but may instead be able to offer services instead. For example, our GREAT friends at Kellet Copy Centres are always willing to help with our printing needs, whether it's something so simple as our newsletter or more indepth like our annual calendar.
We are always more than happy to tell the world who supports us and how they do it! If your company offers a service that you think we may need, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

There are so many different companies out there, all doing different things and using different supplies. Every now and again though, too much of something gets ordered or extra is left over after a job is complete.
We would greatfully accept any products that you think we can use. If in doubt, give us a call! Anything from gravel to commercial detergents, the list is endless.